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Industrial installations

  • Hydraulic units for rubber calender control
  • Block details - Hydraulic unit for rubber calender control
  • Integrated valve bench for coils cutting line control
  • System on-board the machine and special cylinder for press for the automotive sector
  • Hydraulic units for coils cutting line control
  • Hydraulic unit for panels bending line control intended for appliances
  • Hydraulic unit for sheet metal planing machine control
  • Hydraulic unit for press control for the automotive sector

Turn-key hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication systems, industrial wiring

The industrial installations department introduced in 1995, is currently a mature division with extensive experience, that stands as serious and reliable partner in dealing with complex themes concerning industry automation. Focused on conceiving specific solutions, which are functional to the actual customers' needs, the division designs and manufactures hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication systems, and offers a complete industrial wiring service on-board machinery or on-site, relying on efficient and qualified technical and operative staff. The entire design development process, from the analysis of the actuation requirements until production and testing, is entirely managed by the company's internal staff and resources.

Hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication systems

We design and produce hydraulic units and functional blocks with circuit solutions specific for the intended application, pneumatic and lubrication systems and we offer complete technical support for the development and optimisation of any automation project, from the simplest to the most complex one. The assembly of all the equipment, entirely carried out at the company’s premises, including the painting process, ends with an internal testing with functional simulation and pre-adjustment of the main operating parameters. Our technical staff assists the customer in all design phases, from the preliminary analysis to the post-sale phase, with regards to the merely functional aspect and also in terms of safety and compliance with applicable laws.

Retrofitting of existing systems already in operation

The extension of the useful life of a system is often a need; the addition of new technologies or functions to an obsolete system is not a compromise but often a favourable and winning choice. For this reason, among our installation services, we offer the retrofitting of existing hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication systems, supporting the customer in all technical and safety aspects, as well as in the development of maintenance and fault prevention plans.

Safety, cut-off, boom-lock and handling control solutions

The systems safety, related to accident prevention, is an essential theme for all users and manufacturers of hydraulic systems. The experience gained in the last few years, with various solutions adopted in this sphere, allowed us to develop a series of standard manifolds for the cut-off of hydraulic supply lines (cut-off) and to protect pipes against bursting (boom-lock). Different solutions are available for supporting and controlling the handing of loads enabled by hydraulic controls integrated to cylinders and other newly built actuators and also to retrofitted, existing actuators.

Proportional actuation solutions and modules for servo cylinders

We produce hydraulic modules for direction, pressure (force), capacity (speed) and position control, that can be flanged to circuits with integrated linear transducer and actuation systems with proportional control, for different needs and applications of the automation industry.

Industrial wiring on-board the machine and on-site

Our company offers an integrated wiring service (hydraulic oil/ water, oil/grease lubrication, pneumatic and electric) for machinery being built at our company (turn-key assembly and structured wiring service) and for machinery at the customer's premises (machine manufacturer) or on-site at the user's premises. Upon request, we carry out hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication wiring studies with realistic piping simulation by means of 3D CAD applications. Upon request, we supply electric panels featuring automation and power intended for the specific application.

Hydraulic systems

  • Specific hydraulic power units
  • Specific control hydraulic units
  • Specific hydraulic locks and functional modules
  • Safety and handling control blocks
  • Quick prototyping of hydraulic blocks
  • Proportional control systems
  • Quick exhaust and pre-filling valves

Industrial installations

  • Pneumatic and lubrication systems
  • Power and automation electric panels
  • Piping study, simulation and production

Industrial wiring

  • Wiring on-board the machine or at external premises
  • Integrated electro-hydraulic and pneumatic wiring
  • Wiring of oil and grease lubrication systems

Safety and retrofitting

  • Retrofitting of hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication systems
  • Safety of hydraulic systems and risk analyses on actuators
  • Renewal and maintenance of hydraulic control blocks and units

Range of industrial installations

Hydraulic unit for rubber calender control Hydraulic unit for supplying the output area of the coils pickling line Hydraulic unit for press control for the automotive sector Submerged DN 300 quick exhaust and pre-filling valve Press control hydraulic unit for insulating panels laboratory Press control valve bench for insulating panels laboratory Hydraulic unit for panels bending line control intended for appliances Installations on-board the machine on presses for the automotive sector Systems on-board the machine on planing machine for 16 mm thick sheet Control blocks on-board the machine on planing machine for 16 mm thick sheet Hydraulic units for coils cutting line supply control Hydraulic unit for jaw system control Valve bench PTY line detail for press control for insulating panels laboratory Detail of pump adjustment group with variable cylinder capacity for PID control Hydraulic unit for rubber calender control Detail of the filtering and air conditioning circuit of the hydraulic line for the pickling line
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