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Hydraulic cylinders

Special Hydraulic cylinders

For industrial applications, upon customer’s specifications

The manufacturing of special hydraulic cylinders is the real point of strength of our company. The produced articles meet the customer's building and operating specifications and adapt to the most demanding needs of the automation industry and applied mechanics. Characterised by total customisation and designed to respond to specific customer’s needs, they are built with high-quality materials and subject to rigours working, assembly and testing standards.

CMI provides its technical and design staff for special executions according to specific requirements. Special anchoring, non-standard boring or stem sizes, alternative sealing systems and non-standard options, such as control (servo-cylinders) and sealing modules (safety solutions in compliance with the machine Directive) installed directly on the actuator, are only some of the customisation options offered by our company.

Technical support and design

The entire design development process, from the preliminary analysis to the construction phase, is entirely executed with the company's internal resources. This way, we are able to comply with technical requirements and delivery times, thanks to the constant interaction among all departments involved. The technical staff of our company is completely at the customer’s disposal, who is followed in all design development phases, consisting of preliminary analysis, feasibility study, design of the solution, production, testing and delivery. Our company also operates in co-design, manufacturing products according to the customer’s design and project, offering its extensive experience as added value to optimise application.

Application fields

Among the numerous fields of application, there are: presses, applications for the iron and steel industry, aluminium processing, applications in the mining sector, applications in the naval sector and important civil works. Heavy-duty solutions were conceived for the press sector, with excellent results in terms of easy installation and maintenance, performance and reliability in time. Our staff is at the customer’s disposal to discuss particular design and building solutions, including operativity in harsh environments, use of ad-hoc materials to reduce the weight and any other need in order to obtain an optimised solution, that totally suits the application.

The numerous solutions available include:
  • Special cylinders for presses and machinery for sheet metal deformation
  • Special cylinders intended for moulding machinery of plastic material
  • Single and double-actuating cylinders for die locking systems
  • Special cylinders with treatments for the naval sector in marine environment
  • Single and double-actuating cylinders for pinching systems
  • Special systems for shears for master-slave standard connection
  • Special cylinders for assembly machineries
Operating conditions

Thanks to the adopted technical solutions, these products are ideal for harsh operating environments in the presence of strong vibrations, pressure pulsation, high cycle frequencies and constant mechanical stresses. The maximum operating pressure and safety coefficients are functional to the type of application and carefully defined in the design phase.

Range of Special Hydraulic cylinders

Series of single-actuating die locking special cylinders with spring return Special cylinder bore Ø250 for aluminium extrusion press Double-extraction special cylinder for machine tool Series of single-actuating special cylinders for die locking Special cylinder bore Ø550 stem Ø400 travel 1000 for press Special cylinder bore Ø125 for sheet metal shear Pair of special cylinders for deep drawing press Special cylinder with internal stem anti-rotation system Single-actuating locking cylinders with spring return for pinching systema Series of special cylinders for sheet metal pressing applications on facing shear Cilindro speciale moltiplicatore di pressione con sezioni aria / olio Cilindro speciale alesaggio Ø360 con stelo cavo per pressa
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