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Hydraulic cylinders

General characteristics

  • Operating pressure up to 320 Bar (32MPa)
  • Actuating speed up to 15m/sec
  • Operating temperatures from -20°C to +80°C
  • High quality of materials and seals
  • Available in single and double-stem version
  • Strict concentricity and straightness standards
  • Strict surface finish standards
  • Accurate assembly and strict final tests
  • Flexibility to adapt to various needs

Building characteristics

  • High-resistance threading system and anchoring screws
  • High-quality sleeve entirely micro-finished
  • Steel stem C45 with high-thickness chrome appliqué
  • Optional, chromed steel stem 42CrMo4
  • Optional, chromed and tempered steel stem
  • Optional, stem in stainless steel
  • Optional, stem in ground, nitrided steel 41CrAlMo4
  • Threaded, monoblock, self-locking piston
  • Bellows, polyurethane, Teflon, Viton, Chesterton seals
  • PTFE, low-friction seals

Dimensional characteristics

  • 6 different standard anchoring types
  • 2 stem sizes for boring
  • 2 male threads for boring
  • 1 female thread for boring

Reference standards

  • ISO 6022 (1981)
  • DIN 24333

Tie-rod hydraulic cylinders, ISO 6022 series

For general uses with operating pressures up to 250 bar

The cylinders of the RR series are intended for heavy-duty industrial applications such as steelworks and other heavy-duty types. They are suitable for severe operating environments, in the presence of strong vibrations, pressure pulsation, high cycle frequency and significant mechanical stresses, including high radial loads. Thanks to the attention paid to the design and choice of materials and seals used, construction with high quality and accuracy standards, combined to a strict final test that reproduces the typical operating conditions of the cylinder, these hydraulic actuators are a valid choice for those applications where sturdy cylinders and long-term reliability are required, also in extreme conditions.

CMI provides its technical and design staff for special executions according to specific requirements. Special anchoring, non-standard boring or stem sizes, alternative sealing systems and non-standard options, such as control (servo-cylinders) and sealing modules (safety solutions in compliance with the machine Directive) installed directly on the actuator, are only some of the customisation options offered by our company.

General characteristics

The building components are assembled by means of threads and high-resistance steel screws, the sleeve inside of which the piston slides is entirely polished in order to minimize friction coefficients, reducing the seals wear and maximizing the sealing performances. The stem is made in steel C45 with high-thickness chrome appliqué and guide components are made in bronze and composite material.

Sealing components

Particular focus is paid to sealing components, all the employed seals are of absolutely cutting-edge with regards to the mixtures, in order to minimize fluid leakage, maximizing static sealing, without compromising the overall performances and dynamics of the actuator. These cylinders withstand a maximum actuating speed of 0.5m/sec. The various combinations include bellows seals, seals in polyurethane + PTFE, PTFE low-friction seals, VITON and Chesterton seals for low-speed, heavy-duty applications. Ad-hoc sealing solutions can be studied upon request, for particular actuating needs of the customer.

Dimensional inter-exchangeability

Cylinders comply with ISO 6022 (1981) and DIN 24333 standard, therefore they can be inter-exchanged with reference standard cylinders.
They can be designed and built upon request, to respond to the customer’s specific dimensional needs.

Size range
  • Boring from Ø50mm to Ø320mm
  • Stem from Ø32mm to Ø220mm
  • Available with any practical operating travel.
  • Six different types of standard anchoring and two stem sizes, two male threads and two female threads for boring
Connection inlets

Standard BSPP connection inlets with support surface.
Standard SAE flanges with support surface, that can be ordered upon request.
Possibility to manufacture non-standard connection inlets based on the customer’s needs.
Four possible alternative positions for supply inlets, also applicable to air exhaust vents and damper adjustments.

Operating limits
  • Nominal operating pressure (constant operation): 250 Bar (25MPa).
  • Nominal operating pressure (intermittent operation): 320 Bar (32MPa).
  • Actuating speed up to 0.5 m/sec with standard seals, 15 m/sec with special seals.
  • Operating temperature: from -20°C to +80°C according to the fluid and type of seals used.

Optional characteristics

  • Adjustable front and rear limit switch decelerators
  • Front and rear exhaust vents to eliminate air from the actuator
  • Useful when the fluid must not adhere to the stem, it provides a connection inlet to connect to the system tank.
  • Limit switch pipes for non-guided load applications
  • Proximity sensors installed inside heads to detect a reliable end-stop signal
  • Linear position transducers to constantly detect the stem position
  • Internal system to prevent the stem from rotating during its operating travel.
  • To control the moving component in terms of direction, force and speed or a combination of these parameters. Control can be in open or close loop with position and/or pressure transducer.
  • To maintain the position and anti-burst safety, pipes are available with flexible assembly, piloting and operating options, featuring more parallel cylinders (two or three-cylinder assemblies).
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Standard design

Range of tie-rod hydraulic cylinders, ISO 6022 series

Cylinder ISO 6022 bore Ø320 for aluminium extrusion press Cylinder ISO 6022 bore Ø400 for billet ovens supply Cylinder ISO 6022 bore Ø250 for off-shore platform Cylinder ISO 6022 bore Ø320 Series of cylinders ISO 6022 with marine cycle painting Series of cylinders ISO 6022 bore Ø200, standard and double stem version Cylinder ISO 6020 bore Ø160 stem FTA design Measuring cylinder bore Ø200 stem Ø90 obtained from standard cylinder ISO6020/2
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